Editing & Image Delivery – Notes from Keri-leigh

My editing process remains true to my brands core values of authenticity and timelessness. All client images are imported, backed up digitally, then culled to delete unusable photos. Blinking, unflattering expressions, and similar/identical shots are all deleted. I then crop, correct distortion & decide if the image is to be rendered in colour or black and white before I apply a number of specific hand edits. This type of work will involve adjustments to exposure, white balance and tones. I first apply colour grading to colour images, use advanced techniques to compliment clients skin, and I may make adjustments to specific parts of the images for example boosting clarity to certain features such as lashes or highlight features through the use of radial filters. I typically make adjustments to highlights, shadows and luminance.

This is a time-consuming process and therefore delivery times for all images is dependent on both workload and the number of images I have been contracted to deliver, and subject to change. Mini sessions are 5 images, studio sessions are 15 images, and outdoor sessions are 25 images. At weddings, I simply edit all usable images taken. Each image will take around thirty minutes to edit. When all images are edited, I resize the photographs first for social media and web, before I export them to a named gallery within the clients storage folder, repeating the process for print quality resizing. When the folder has been updated to include both social & print sized versions of each image I back the folder up, and upload the images into a secure online gallery, where clients can download, print, and share on their images with friends and family members should they wish to do so. I retain client images for 6 months, to allow plenty of time for my clients to ensure they have reliably stored their images. This remains the clients responsibility, and I will only retain images I may use for future marketing purposes.

In respect of requests for changes to a clients body shape, or Hollywood style airbrushing I recommend anyone wishing to avail of this type of editing makes a request for copyright release to me directly and I can recommend reliable editors. This is an additional external editing service paid for by the clients, as it is not within the remit of standard portrait photography. Advanced retouching from Californian editors costs from £15 per image, and is available upon request only.

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