Lifestyle Family Photography has my heart! I love capturing the natural smiles of children and the bond with their parents & extended family – often on a truly special occasion, such as a special birthday, or to celebrate a First Holy Communion. Its all about the emotion for me when I capture families outdoors. Children have a natural way of expressing themselves, and I prefer to let them lead the way. It is not about forcing them to sit and smile at me, yes I do capture the standard everyone look and smile picture but those are not my favourites, I genuinely love the more relaxed captures.



We are incredible blessed in this beautiful country we call home to have stunning beaches, cityscapes, rolling hills and my studio is a stone’s throw from Portglenone Forest – which is a photographer’s paradise in itself. I often visit Antrim Castle Gardens, and private estates such as Castle ward at Halloween to spend time with my wonderful families. Where do you fancy taking me next?


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