It’s no cliché, my wedding day was hands down the best day of my life. I often think about how incredible it would be to relive it, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Weddings are magical. I live and breathe them, talk about them endlessly (to anybody who’ll listen), and I wait for wedding days like normal people wait for the weekend.

In 2021, right after Christmas & New Year, I rebranded my weddings business. I became aware that couples searching for a wedding photographer prefer not to have to search through a photographers non wedding work. So, I separated my wedding work on instagram & facebook, and I chose to rebrand the wedding work under a separate website and separate social media accounts. The new brand is called ‘The Artisan Photographer’, with a separate website… follow along on my socials, instagram and facebook, to see more of what I get up to at my weddings.

While you’re here though I am happy to tell you a little bit about my weddings. My couples are typically quite low-key brides and grooms. I know they often chose me as I was the photographer who understood their priorities. I slip right into the bride prep in the morning, am easy to spend the day with, and I prioritise couples having fun with their friends over hours of taking photos.

You’ll see it pretty clearly in the images we feature. My wedding day style is documentary-style coverage. Capturing what happens, as it happens, without any interruptions from me. How it should be! Yes, granny needs her mantelpiece photos, and family photos live on forever in print, but I know what people really want to see in their photos is all the craic that was had. I’ll steal ten minutes here and there for some alone time with the couple, maybe try to grab five minutes at sunset for pretty portraits like those you’re seeing on this page, but apart from that it’s all just about photographing what happens, as it happens!

Real couple Lottee & Carl, shot at Fire & Ice in the Highlands