Meet John Francis O’Kane

Every couple & family are special, but this little man has been patiently waited upon & prayed for – and meeting him was definitely one of the highlights of my whole year.

He’s perfection, and I’m so glad Catherine let me document this special time for their family. As you know, I don’t photograph newborns in the studio. I only capture babies in their own homes, with their family unit. It’s a very special time in parents lives, whether it’s their first baby or their fifth the last thing anyone needs to be doing is stressing over fitting into my schedule. Babies, eat, sleep and do just about everything on their own terms so I simply work around these new families and whatever works best for them.

Meet the O’Kanes…


What did I tell you? Perfection. Utterly perfect little features.


I remember that stage all too well. And it passes in a blur.

I love that you can look back on these photos in the years to come, and remember that he was once this teeny tiny little bundle, Kx

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos capturing the pure love and devotion Catherine and Johnny have not only for each other but for their perfect little miracle. Precious blessing x

  2. Martina Connolly Avatar
    Martina Connolly

    These photos would melt ur heart. So so special Catherine. He is adoreable. May you and Johnny have years of delight and happiness with John Frances xxx

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