Couples regularly send in messages to the business page in relation to packages and pricing. In all honesty, it’s difficult to know whether or not to put your pricing online. If we do, then we are endorsing a ‘price shopping’ approach to booking a wedding photographer.

I genuinely feel that as photographers are the only vendors who provide a tangible product, something you can actually hold in your hands that can transport you back to any given moment on your wedding day, we really should not be chosen on price alone.

A lot of couples comment on how they hadn’t really thought about just how much time they would spend with their photographer on their day. From when I arrive to their homes in the morning, right through until their band hit the drums, we’ll have shared some serious quality time together. It’s so important to choose someone that can slip easily into the background, and capture all the candid little moments in an authentic yet unobtrusive way.

That being said, when clients choose a package, they’ll almost always want to know how they should pay for their wedding photography. Clients pay 25% of their balance to secure their date, then choose from 2 payment plans for their remaining balance.

Payment Plan 1 splits the balance in three;

25% to secure the date.

Middle instalment clears the balance to the final 25%, due 6 months before the wedding.

25% to finalize the payment plan two weeks before the wedding.

Payment Plan 2 splits the balance into monthly payments;

25% to secure the date.

Remaining balance divided into monthly instalments with final payment due in the calendar month before the wedding.