Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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What’s the most important thing a couple should think about when choosing a wedding photographer?

So this is the tough part, selling myself in a world of other photographers! Essentially, I suppose this comes down to what you want to feel when you open your  wedding album. Do you want it to reflect you as a couple, from the moment you open up that precious family heirloom? Did your photographer think carefully about whether you were a rose gold foil on pale grey linen kind of bride? Or maybe you’re two grooms with a taste for aged leather and all black & white imagery inside? And as for what’s inside that album…

Well, all I can say is that if you choose the photographer who has put in the hours to hone their craft and who took the time to learn all about you, hear about your wedding plans & find out who is important to you, so there are no important faces missing from that beautiful book. Then, I think you will have chosen well. It’s not just about fancy equipment, it’s about putting your trust in someone who can envision what you have dreamed of, and who has the skill to bring it all to life when it’s over with beautiful photos to cherish forever.

When I photograph a wedding I care deeply for the little moments, the connections between all the most important people in your lives who you want to share your special day with. I won’t be draping you around trees or staircases – I take my couples away from their guests only for the briefest of moments, to capture a couple of images to adorn family members fireplaces or Facebook pages. Every other part of my day is spent disappearing into the background to take a series of photographs that nobody will even have noticed me capture.


Styling Credit – Nikki Dunlop Floral Studio, Main Street Portglenone