Lashing down and shamrocks drowned

On a wet and wild Paddy’s Day weekend in Ireland, they met at an altar. Hand in hand, and with love in their hearts, they left as newlyweds. Their names are Aileen and Mark, and they’re just about the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet.

Mark is a shy sort, even though he’s seriously handsome he’s not the showy type – and he was quick to tell me he wasn’t too sure about having his photo taken. Lucky for him, their bridesmaid Carla had treated them to an engagement session (although there were a few quiet mutterings about feeling awkward).

Our groom-to-be photographed a dream that day, and after sorting his nerves on the engagement session, come their wedding day they killed it with their shots.

Check out their amazing wedding day, I mean just get a look at our stunning bride! Thanks so much for having us!