Summer Adventures

Every photographer needs their downtime, and with a rare weekend off from brides, grooms and guests it was time to chill with the family and relax. Barra Best had promised sunshine, so I packed up the camping kit and hit Watertop Farm for a couple of nights.

The North Coast is over-run with golfers and Mr Grey is sending people wild with strategically placed golf kit – so it was into the back of beyond for us mere commoners.







This is Paige, and she’s in charge this morning. I hope she can keep these monkeys in check. Apparently I’m leading a pony, eek!









Looking like a pro! Let’s go!









“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”.


On the descent we could see a go-kart track – our Liam will absolutely love that!



This, friends, is a shed where you can actually have a go at sheering a sheep. Now, I’m not normally one to turn down new experiences, I’m thinking step too far?

Maybe we’ll just watch a pro instead.





Those are serious guns, who needs Jamie?

There’s also a full petting farm here for the kids, with puppies, kittens, lambs, chickens, rabbits – you name it, they seem to have it!

I’ve a pet piggy at home so obviously we made a beeline for their miss piggy and mr piggy.


As the weather is wall to wall sunshine, we aren’t really spending much time indoors, but this place has lots to offer if it’s wet too.

This little cottage is part of the guided farm tour, with a cosy fire burning. The perfect place to warm the hands on a less-than-perfect day.

More importantly for a photographer, it makes the perfect backdrop for portraits!



Meanwhile, Liam has found the girls’ bubbles!




Ahhh bubbles, endless fun for no money at all.



Simple pleasures … bubbles, cartwheels, more bubbles!






I asked if I could go in it! Then I thought about the climbing out afterwards and changed my mind.
















Those smiles, that’s what it’s all about.



Kiddy heaven








Ahhh, what a day. Camping is serious craic if you can just relax and let go of the need for luxuries like full-size barbies …


And, beer on tap LOL.





Peg up your pants in public, and break out the dance moves!


For it’s all about the fun times!!! Just ask these guys …


Making Memories

Ha, my mum will have a fit when she sees them jumping on a bridge – what did the sign say boys?



So as the sun set on our Saturday off what can I say (other than that this sunset was an epic moment inspired by the Lion King)?

Our day at Watertop farm was one of the best days out ever.

Our kids have come home with amazing memories, and that’s simply priceless.





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