Well hello there, I know it’s been a bit quiet recently but that’s because wedding season has gone literally buck mad! This week I finally finished a mammoth edit on a family session from almost a month ago, and what a treat it is.

Colleen I’m so soooo sorry it’s taken so long, but I loved so many images from your session I couldn’t stop myself from including pretty much every one I captured on the day. What a great looking family!






Colleen’s mum of course is the reason for today’s shoot – these pictures are important moments to frame as they’re marking a special occasion, and they’re a very special birthday gift from all the kids.

Doesn’t she look absolutely fabulous! Super proud husband right here.


Now, it took this pair a wee minute or two to compose themselves for these shots – lots of lol’s 🙂




Isn’t it just the loveliest spot for a nice romantic portrait. Although sure, don’t we all know that a little bit of any boy’s heart will (forever) belong to his mum.



I couldn’t get over how at ease they all were in front of the camera, and the craic we had getting all these lovely portraits!

Well, that’s when they managed to keep a straight face! Not easy with this one about …



Beckham eat your heart out!



Girls you are absolute beauties! These photos of you are just gorgeous …









Work it, work it!


Hell yeah, always camera-ready!





Great style too, these boys know how to look sharp!


Colleen I was so impressed with your fantastic attention to detail, and how beautifully coordinated everyone was for the shoot.

Such a pity about the weather, it took a serious turn for the worse at this point and started lashing!


Just as we were in the darkest part of the forest too, but Colleen’s mum and dad had a photo taken on the bridge here a wee while back, and we really wanted to capture some more shots in this spot.

Everyone got a bit of a soaking and, although the darkness meant a bit more grain was inevitable, we still got some beautiful images here!

I really love this one of you and your dad Colleen.


We needed one with dad and ‘the lads’ too of course.




And that’s a wrap – time to go dry out.

Guys, you were an absolute pleasure to photograph – it didn’t even feel like I was at work! I hope you love them!!








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