Tiny Toes

Today I’ve something very special to show you! Earlier this year I had a wedding day enquiry from a lovely young couple, Joovita and Paddy are their names – and a couple of weeks ago I was invited to Ballyronan Marina to capture a few portraits of their beautiful baby daughter Morgan.

So take a look, enjoy, and if you’re family please feel free to share on your social media pages. Spread the love!





Miss Morgan had been sleeping like a little angel, but our shoot meant a bit of a rude awakening!

These images have a hint of the “Seriously, you woke me for this?” LOL


Okay, let’s see if a cuddly little rabbit helps us here?






Now that’s a bit more like it!


Not forgetting teddy of course, rabbit and teddy are important guests at this tea party!



Awwwwwwww, mummy’s wee dote.




Those toes!



Not convinced swinging is a good idea, are we Morgan?


Okay you’re the boss, let’s hit the beach with daddy …








Paddy’s girl, rhymes nicely with daddy’s girl don’t you think?





Babies just love putting stuff into their mouths, maybe there’s a wee sore gum in there.

Nothing better than a cuddle to help with that!





There’s nothing like family to put a mega-watt smile on your face.


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Hasn’t she just the most stunning blue eyes!



Proud, proud parents.





An absolutely beautiful family.



Miss M of course will be back in front of my camera before long, stealing all her mum’s glory at their wedding day.

Counting down the months until that incredible day!


Can’t wait to capture many more spectacular images for this special couple. For now though, it’s time to get the (adorable) shoes on and head for home …

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Their engagement shots will also hit the blog later this week – keep your eyes peeled!

For now though, as always Jovita and Paddy, it was a pleasure to be in your company – hope you love these Kx



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