Róise & Naeve

It’s spring, and when you live in Portglenone village that means one thing – the forest is about to be over-run with visitors. It’s bluebell season, and I can hardly blame the tourists – I’ve been waiting patiently on them myself!

So one sunny Sunday I fought my way past the blow-ins and settled gorgeous sisters Róise and Naeve down for their sister session. And what a fantastic time we had, Róise in particular is an absolute natural in front of the camera. Two little beauties!

Here are just a few of their special moments captured on the day.


Don’t the bluebells bring the whole forest to life.


Not forgetting the amazing light at this time of year.






Whether I’m photographing babies, toddlers, big boys and girls or brides and grooms I always look out for those special little moments, when people’s love and affection shine through.

That supportive hand on your baby sisters shoulder …




Maybe I’m just sentimental about this place but I really do think that natural beauty looks all the more striking in this setting, I also think Miss Róise will break lots of hearts before long, such a beautiful little girl.

She really enjoyed the session and stopped anytime we called for me to capture her, just take a look at these close-ups …


Those eyes, I had to get in even closer to get the full effect of them!


Not forgetting this one – if you follow me on Facebook you’ll have seen this portrait we put up as a sneak peek.


Stunning, don’t you think?





“Like stardust glistening on fairy wings, little girl dreams are of magical things”


And, as is usually the way some of my favourite captures were taken literally as mummy turned up and we were all ready to head home.


Who’s that Naeve?





And that’s all I’m showing you, best go finish up and get the full session to their mum and dad. Remember my family sessions are restricted to Sunday’s right now as we are in full flow with wedding season, but I’ll do my best to squeeze in some more so please get in touch if you want your own images to treasure.


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