New Things

It’s not quite spring, but it is time to awaken from the dead of winter and get back at it.

So, I have a new camera home from Lifting the Veil & a new lens – and only weeks to learn how to make the switch from Nikon to Canon.

For the first foray out we chose the beach, just about the toughest place for a photographer to nail their shot. Reflection, bright skies and beach glare – huge challenges! Here are a few images captured on the day.

Oh, and just one more thing just in case you like what you see …  I’m offering a special discount this month for anyone booking in for family shoots before June 2017! PM me.





Our daughter Georgia is 9 years old and you know, day to day, you honestly don’t notice them stretching.

But when I looked at these photos I genuinely couldn’t believe how grown-up she has gotten in the few short months since her birthday party. Frightening!


And then there’s this naughty pup.

And the ball he won’t put down!



Even though I always keep the tripod in the car, I have yet to manage to carry it out with me so we can ALL get in the shot! Some day …


Imagine that, me on the other side of the camera. Doesn’t happen too often.



The lens quality is stunning. Such rich detail.




That face says ok I’m done now. Let’s go to the Ramore mum.




What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

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